Monday, March 02, 2009

Work Less Party of Vancouver, BC has New Film

The Work Less Party of Vancouver BC has a new short film on their web site: Movie 2. I highly recommend watching both of Conrad Schmidt's films. Conrad is the author of Works of the World RELAX: The Simple Economics of Less Industrial Work. He is currently working on another film and book, so stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I have been a proponent of working less for years, however most employers frown on the idea. It is difficult to find consistent employment unless you toe the corporate line and work long hours in the name of 'productivity'. Even when a person wishes to take a day off without pay he runs the risk of being considered lazy, or unreliable if he does so. I think it's funny that when people receive a raise in pay, instead of taking time off to spend there hard earned cash, they instead spend it on a new car or a bigger house, which forces them to work harder and never get a chance to enjoy the things that they acquire. I have a very busy and interesting life outside the realm of paid employment and would love to have more time to enjoy and pursue the things I like doing. Unfortunately, in order to keep a 'job' I must work within the the framework of the existing system, which ends up making me feel unhappy and as if I am in some sort of mental prison. It almost makes me cry when I hear that it's not uncommon for Europeans to get 6 to 8 weeks of vacation time a year. The two weeks which most people get in North America is paltry by comparison and turns people into drones who have nothing else to talk about but their work, which, in my experience is not very interesting for the most part. I totally agree with the author that a simple life, with enough to live on is the best. However, I think I will be dead long before any real change is made in that arena. Until then I collect my paycheck and jump between jobs trying to stay out of the corporate clutches of the modern day work world.