Monday, October 24, 2011

Can't Find a Job? Work Part-Time and Live a Simple Life

It seems it is in the news daily...more people can't find work, especially those over 50. I know a few people who have been looking for full-time work for two years. I also know another person who finally found work, but it took him two years, and he now has to commute. It's the same sad story all over the United States. Even recent college graduates are having a hard time finding work. Right now, the jobs that people are finding are only part-time, since many employers can't hire full-time and/or they don't want to offer health insurance.

What's the answer? Now's the time to look at your expenses and see if you can live more simply. You can live in an Intentional Community with others, or if you own your own home, you can either downsize or rent out a couple of rooms to like-minded people. Co-housing, a form of Intentional Community, is another option. I know a woman who sold her home and moved into a room with her two dogs. She also house sits for others. I also know a man who has never owned his own home. He rents a room and also house sits. These people live a simple life, unburdened by material possessions. You can get creative and find meaningful work you love, especially when the economy is in bad shape.

Since most employers are not interesting in "spreading the work load," which means less layoffs and gives more people jobs, people who are not employed have to think about the skills they have to offer and create their own work. Check out 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. This is an excellent book for anyone in transition, whether you want to work for someone else or become an entrepreneur. Also, review the list of interesting web sites listed on the left side of my blog.

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