Monday, March 09, 2009

Shorter Workweek Instead of Layoff

A friend of mine told me that a half dozen or so plant employees were laid off from her company. It was a sad day for the plant. In order to not have to layoff the office folks they worked it out so that everyone has two Fridays off per month. My friend was used to working 40 hours per week all of her working life. At first, she thought about the money she would lose, but after the first Friday off, she LOVED it and now she can't wait until her next Friday off.

She called her sister (who is now retired) and told her she would love to have a shorter workweek every week, as it is so wonderful!

Instead of workers being laid off, this company worked it out so that everyone in the office shares the work, and all of the office staff works a shorter workweek. They love those Fridays off and the money isn't as important as time off.

The 40-hour workweek is very hectic. Thanks to the economic downturn, people are discovering how great a shorter workweek is.

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