Thursday, May 10, 2007

Five-Day Weekend Organization in Asheville, NC

I just found out about a new group in Asheville, NC that supports a five-day weekend, with two days of work.

Here's some information from their web site:

"The major goal of the Five Day Weekend is simple: We want to reverse the U.S. workweek so that Americans clock in for two good days of work, followed by five well-earned days off.

Why? Because overwork has become a major problem for Americans, and it's getting worse by the year. The two-day weekend was created in 1930, and despite decades of unparalleled technology growth, our people are actually working more and more each year."

For more information about this organization, visit

If you can successfully live off money earned in two days per week, then the Five-Day Weekend is a great idea! It might take living with several roommates, making all your own meals instead of eating out, shopping at thrift stores, driving an old car or going car-less, etc. It's all about making choices. In my opinion, part-time work is a great idea. Just don't expect to get a full benefit package, although you could get some benefits, depending upon the company you work for. You might also want to be your own boss and forget the benefits. After all, if you have five days off each week, it's like having a vacation every week. When you work less, you have less stress and less illness, so the benefits may not be as important as having the time off. Time off is the greatest benefit!

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