Monday, March 26, 2007

Companies Allow Flexible Schedules

This was from a recent article on by Michelle Kosinski:

Best Buy corporate has invented a system called ROWE — Results-Only Work Environment — in which you go to the office only when you want to. The end result — how much you get done — is all that matters. Best Buy says productivity has jumped 35 percent, with turnover and low morale all but gone.

At Sun Microsystems they've saved some $400 million in real estate costs by allowing nearly half of all employees to work anywhere they want.

And at IBM, on any given day 42 percent of the global workforce does not go to the workplace.

MY NOTE: Even though these companies allow flextime, this doesn't necessarily mean employees are working shorter hours; in fact, they could be working more; however having flexibility in your schedule means less stress and certainly a happier employee!

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Anonymous said...

I work for one of those companies mentioned. I do get to work from home a couple of days a week (no cap was set... I set this schedule myself). I "work" less hours when I am at home but I get more done on those two days a week than I do when I am in the office. I also get it done when I feel like it, when I'm at my very best. So I might work on some things around the house, go for a walk, then I feel fired up to work. I put in a couple of hours and I get done more than I would have in an 8 hour day at the office with all of its distractions. The 5 day work week is such an antiquated holdover from our industrial age. It really doesn't belong anymore.