Wednesday, January 03, 2007

How to Get Out of the 40+ Workweek: Work Part-Time!

Have you given up trying to get your employer to give you a shorter workweek? Most companies in the US are on the standard workweek of 40 hours, and if you are lucky, you get some benefits from working those 40 hours. If you want a shorter workweek of 30-32 hours, for example, you could lose your benefits. Also, if you are used to a good salary, it may be hard for you to just give up your job. Remember, working 40+ hours per week gives you little time for family, friends, animal friends and leisure pursuits. Working too much can cause serious health problems as well.

For those of you willing to give up your job and try something new, you can either apply for part-time jobs (some part-time jobs have benefits) or start your own part-time business from home. Many part-time jobs are low-paying jobs, but if you downsize and learn to live simply, you can be happier making less money and working less than making more money and working more! There's a lot of information about part-time jobs on the Internet. Just Google the word "part-time" and see what comes up!

Also, once you start working part-time, you will be surprised at how much more relaxed you will be. There's more time for everything in your life when you work less! There are so many things you can do to cut back on your expenses: give up cable TV, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, etc. What about trading in your new, expensive car for a nice, used one or get rid of your car completely and buy a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle? You can downsize and live in a smaller home, and all your utility bills will be less when you live in a smaller space.

Some states have an insurance plan for people who meet certain income guidelines. If you work less and make less, chances are that you might qualify for their health plan too. You might also qualify for a reduction in your utility bills if your income is low. Do you want to work out and stay in shape? Some YMCA's offer a plan for people with low income and may have a scholarship as well. Always ask if there's any discount for low income.

The bottom line is don't be fearful of making less money. Give part-time work a try and see what happens. Also, as you get older, you probably will not want to work full-time. You may have heard stories of people working so hard, then they retired at 65 and dropped dead a few weeks later. My sister told me a story of a manager who worked in her company. He worked many years as a manager for this company. When he retired recently, they had a retirement party for him, and two weeks later, he was dead! Cause of death: heart attack. If you want to be a workaholic, go right ahead, but watch out. You can work, work, work and have more money, but what good is it if you've lost your health as a result?

Remember, Work LESS, Play MORE, Enjoy LIFE! That's our motto!

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