Monday, January 30, 2006

Indiana Company Has a 30/40 Plan for Production Workers

When Metro Plastics Technologies in Columbus, Indiana, couldn't find enough workers for its production line, it decided to implement a radical "30/40" plan: Offer people 30 hours of work for 40 hours of pay. The company was soon flooded with applicants. Here is the information about the company. We should all congratulate this company for using "Timesizing" technology! (See link to on the left side of my blog). Note: Send your letters and emails to the President's attention - check their web site for the current President's name.

Metro Plastics Technologies, Inc. 9175 East 146th Street, P.O. Box 1208 - Noblesville, IN 46061-1208 Voice: (317) 776-0860

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